Gerald is in high demand as a conference motivational speaker and the following are a few of his subject titles:
  1. How to develop a winning life style change Attitude.
  2. How to put a Rocket in your pocket!
  3. Achieve the power pursuit of Excellence.
  4. How to develop a power packed mind for Success.
  5. How to succeed through perseverance and action.
  6. How to be a go-getting, positive person.
  7. Breaking the fear barrier to Success.
  8. How to handle stress for success.
  9. How to be motivated for powerful results.
  10. How to achieve top quality performance.
  11. Tough minds for tough times.

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Seminar Topics

  1. Discovering & applying the Power of the Mind for Marketing Success.
  2. Personal and Staff Attitude Adjustment.
  3. The Power of Personal Motivation.
  4. Harnessing the Power of action orientated Goal Setting.
  5. How to handle Stress for Success.
  6. Developing professional Communication and Presentation skills.
  7. How to use effective, powerful Time Management Skills.
  8. Pursuing Excellence and Top Quality Performance.
  9. Achieving & maintaining vital health & physical fitness.
  10. Developing professional telephone / tele-communication skills.
  11. Developing professional, multi-media Communication skills.
  12. How to relate & work with people of different temperaments.
  13. How to deal with Conflict - Conflict Management.
  14. Understanding and Managing Yourself.
  15. Meeting the challenge of Balancing out a busy work and family schedule.
  16. Establishing steps to a healthy Marriage & Family ( Relationship Skills).
  17. Developing professional personal Grooming and appearance.
  18. How to maximize your Potential.
  19. How to develop excellence in Customer Service.
  20. How to keep & maintain Motivation & a Positive Mental Attitude, as a way of life.
  21. How to harness the power of Persistence.
  22. Upgrading your professional selling & marketing skills.
  23. How to handle & harness Change in a positive way.
  24. Understanding the power of your perspective focus.
  25. Release the power of Pro-Active living.

Each of these modules are between 3-6 hours. Tailor-made programmes and topics are made to fit your own companies needs and requirements.







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