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Power Packed Inspirational & Motivational Quotes
This book has over 800 inspirational and motivational quotes. Great to use in all forms of communication. The complete book of quotes is also available in a 2 cassette album.
Price US$10.00 each......
Item 2:
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Power Packed Inspirational & Motivational Quotes
As above but in a convenient 2 Audio Tape Album that you can listen to in your home, office or car.
Price US$15.00 each......

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Powerful, Inspirational, Motivation
154 Dynamic messages, designed to uplift, inspire and motivate you in every area of your life. Presented from powerful motivational Bible verses and a Christian perspective.
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Attitude Power Desk Box
An attractively presented set of 212 quotes in a compact box that will grace any corporate desk or office. Deals with attitude, mind, choice, motivation and action power.
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Item 5:
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The Winners Attitude
An audio cassette album inspiring people to think, behave and perform like a winner!
Price US$10.00 each......

Item 6:

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How to develop a Power Packed Mind for Success
Two audio cassettes with 4 messages on:
(1) Developing a power packed mind for success
(2) Choosing the right attitude (3) Liberate your mind (4) 35 Ways to stay motivated

Price US$15.00 each......

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