WINNING EDGE.....Gerald and Margarett Bradley, a husband and wife motivation team from New Zealand, spoke at length to change, inspire and motivate the audience onto a new level of personal growth, at a seminar organized by the BHLB Pacific Trust Management Berhad, in Kota Kinabalu, on Thursday.
BHLB, one of the top private unit trust company's in Malaysia, organized the Grand Business Opportunity seminar, with the theme "The Winning Edge in the New Millenium", as part of its Nationwide Roadshow to recruit and expand its agency force in conjunction with the "Year of Recruitment".

Source: New Sabah Times Newspaper, June 10, 2000

Brunei Hotel.....Gerald and Margarett Bradley conducted 21 hours of their seminar on "Real Success is an Inside Job" to the General Manager and the Managerial Staff of the Brunei Hotel, Brunei - May 14-17, 2001

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Gerald and Margarett Bradley with the General Manager, Mohd. Khalid Buang, of the Holiday Inn Hotel, Kuching. They conducted 21 hours of training to the Senior managers of the 4 Holiday Inn Hotels in the Sarawak area - January 2001

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